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 Kosirina Bay with anchored sailboats-Island of Murter
The Croatian coast consists of almost 700 islands, (400 cliffs and 80 rock formations) with a total of more than 6.000 km of coastline which makes it one of the most rugged and indented coastlines in Europe.


 Panorama of Rovinj with the church in the central part
ISTRIA is the largest CROATIAN peninsula and is located on the northern part of the ADRIATIC SEA.
It is also the most developed tourist region of CROATIA, with tourism developing rapidly in all directions. It offers charming coastal towns, tame interior (Croatia’s Toskana) and a culinary tradition of healthy eating.


Aerial view of the islands of Lošinj and Cres-Kvarner
KVARNER is a bay in the northeastern part of the ADRIATIC SEA between ISTRIA and the CROATIAN Littoral. The largest islands in the KVARNER Bay are KRK, CRES, LOŠINJ and RAB. Other smaller islands are include UNIJE, SUSAK, ILOVIK, PLAVNIK, PRVIĆ, Sv. GRGUR, GOLI OTOK, etc.


 Kornati islands
NORTH DALMATIA is a very attractive sailing area due to the multitude of islands (both big and small) that offer a variety of opportunities for an attractive vacation. There are three National Parks in this area to satisfy all nature lovers also.


 View of Hvar with harbor and bay
CENTRAL DALMATIA is a very attractive sailing area. The focus of the area is SPLIT, the largest Croatian town on the central coast and the city of great historical heritage where Diocletian’s Palace is also located.


 Panorama of the old town of Dubrovnik
SOUTH DALMATIA is an area that stretches all the way to the Cape OŠTRO respectively border of MONTE NEGRO. The most famous destination is the world-famous historical city of DUBROVNIK (on the UNESCO list since 1979).

Bareboat Charter

Bareboat charter is for those who have a boatmaster's license and of course want to operate the boat themselves during the charter. This type of rental provides the greatest privacy but also responsibility for the boat.

Skippered Charter

If you do not have a boatmaster's license then renting a boat with a skipper is the right choice for you. Skipper takes care of everything related to sailing and the boat and yours is just to enjoy during the rental. Of course you too can suggest a sailing plan and places you would like to visit.

Crewed Charter

Renting a crewed boat usually means renting a boat longer than 50 feet with at least two members crew, skipper and hostess. If the boat is larger, the number of crew members may be larger. The hostess is worried for cooking and serving meals.

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