Privacy Statement

Privacy Statement is a document that protects the privacy of website visitors:
Please read this statement to find out how CROATIA -CHARTERYACHT refers to the personal information of visitors to their websites. If any changes to the protection of personal data occur, they will immediately be posted in this Privacy Statement.

The CROATIA -CHARTERYACHT pages can be viewed without any obligation to leave personal information and browsing is completely free of charge. However, if visitors want to use the services advertised on the website, CROATIA -CHARTERYACHT may ask for personal information (name and surname, address, phone or mobile phone number, email address, date and place of birth and possibly photocopy of personal documents.)

These data are necessary to allow a certain service requested by the guest to be served on the website. Since CROATIA- CHARTERYACHT works as a broker with various charter companies and whose customer service is also used, all of these personal information may be used in communication with other charter companies. Also, these data may be used for the purpose of reminders or occasional submissions of bids, various benefits and changes to/for their users. If the customers do not want to receive any updates, please inform us that they will not receive any material in the future.

CROATIA -CHARTERYACHT undertakes to protect the client's personal data, ex, it undertakes not to use the client's personal information in communication with third parties without the consent of the client, except in cases of execution of the requested services from the clients and in the case of a court request.

The CROATIA -CHARTERYACHT Web server automatically records data such as: the IP address of the computer from which the web site is accessed, the browser type, the access time, the address of the web site from which it is accessed, as well as the information on the visited web pages
This information is used to analyze the website
NOTE: The web server does not capture any personal information of visitors.

Personal data will be kept no later than the expiration of legal obligations. The Client may at any time, after completing the arrangement, request an e-mail to delete his / her personal data, without giving any reason.
The privacy statement is an integral part of CCY's Terms of Business. Before paying the advance for the requested service, the guest must read and agree with the Privacy Statement. Upon payment of the prepayment, the customer confirms the consent with the privacy statement.