KVARNER is a bay in the northeastern part of the ADRIATIC SEA between ISTRIA and the CROATIAN Littoral. The largest islands in the KVARNER Bay are KRK, CRES, LOŠINJ and RAB. Other smaller islands are include UNIJE, SUSAK, ILOVIK, PLAVNIK, PRVIĆ, Sv. GRGUR, GOLI OTOK, etc.

In the KVARNER Bay there is also the largest Croatian seaport of RIJEKA, and famous summer resorts such as OPATIJA, LOVRAN, CRIKVENICA, NOVI VINODOLSKI and others.

The sea in the KVARNER Bay is considerably deeper than the open upper ADRIATIC (30-60 m). There are no larger rivers around the KVARNER and the bottom is steep and rocky, and therefore is the deepest in the NORTH ADRIATIC -128 m (in the channel between PLAVNIK and CRES islands).

In the KVARNER region, a very strong Bura a cold and dry wind from north east is often blowing.

This sailing destination offers plenty of fast opportunities. The wind is a guarantee of good sailing, and many area islands offer rest and fun.

Recommended routes ……
Cities such as RAB, CRES and OSOR provide a historical experience with the utmost natural beauty. You can enjoy LOŠINJ for fun (party) and true Mediterranean atmosphere.

If you want more peace, intimacy and relaxation then visit the small islands of ILOVIK, UNIJE or SUSAK. The island of KRK will also delight you with an authentic atmosphere.
Panorama of Marina Cres
Čikat Bay on the island of Lošinj
 Panorama of the old part of Rab-Island of Rab
 City of Rijeka from the sea