Terms of Business

1. Introductory provisions

These terms and conditions regulate the rights and obligations between the customer of the service (hereinafter: the client) and the provider of TOURISM "LORI" - www.croatia-charteryacht.com (hereinafter referred to as: CCY) as an agent between the Charter Company and the Client.
CCY as a broker agency, passes its clients the terms and conditions for chartering exclusively for the selected vessel, which are actually the Charter Company's or Charter Owner's terms.
CCY based on the information provided on its web site provides its clients with the charter service or boat rental service. These Terms of Business and Privacy Statement represent a contract between the Client and CCY. By paying the advance for rental or accommodation on the vessel, the customer confirms that he / she is familiar with the terms and conditions of operation and the privacy statement and accepts them fully, and thus has a lease or accommodation agreement on the vessel.

2. Reservation and payment

Communication between the client and the CCY is mostly via e-mail. After CCY receives a reservation request, CCY promptly will answer all questions regarding booking and advance payment.
Payment of the advance (50% of the rental price and the accommodation on the vessel) is done by bank transfer to the CCY foreign exchange account, within 7 days of sending the payment information. Upon receipt of the advance payment CCY sends the reservation confirmation electronically to the client. The remaining 50% is paid in the same way at least 4 weeks before the start of service use. After the payment of the remaining 50% CCY sends to the customer a voucher with all the necessary information that the client will present in the charter base to be able to take the boat.
If you have less than 60 days prior to using the service, then you have to pay the entire amount for rent or accommodation on the boat in advance.
Rental rates or boat rental are published in EUR at current charter companies' prices and include VAT.
The above mentioned prices include: accommodation on technically correct and clean vessels with full fuel and water tanks, use of all equipment on board, mandatory and casual boat insurance, accident insurance, anchorage at the marina, permission to sail in the Republic of Croatia and concession permit for the vessel .
The price does not include harbor and other taxes in other marinas, sojourn tax, fuel costs, car parking, as well as crew members health insurance. When returning the vessel, the fuel tanks must be full.

When booking, it is necessary to send in advance the VHF navigation license and certificate. The crew list must be sent at least 7 days before boarding. If a client requests a skipper and / or a hostess on board, this should be when booking. The sojourn tax is payable in the marina charter base upon confirmation of the crew list. It is customary that chartered boats are taken on Saturdays in the afternoon and return on Saturdays in the morning. Return to the base station the day before disembarkation is in many cases recommended and in some binding.

3. Obligations and responsibilities of Charter companies

The charter company undertakes to provide the ship to the client in the correct condition and with the complete equipment included in the price. Tanks on board must be filled with water and fuel when picking up a ship by a client. If a ship for any reason is not secured for the client then the client has the right to obtain the money from the charter company for those days as it was unable to obtain the boat. Also in this respect, it is the practice of a charter company to make available to a customer a replacement vessel at an agreed time and at an agreed point which must be of the same or better standard than the reserved one. If the charter company does not provide a replacement boat, then the client is entitled to terminate the contract and obtain a return, from the charter company, money paid. The customer has the refund only of the money paid, all other rights are excluded.
If the ship or equipment is damaged due to natural disasters, then the client is obliged to contact the charter company. Charter companies are obliged to rectify the defect as soon as possible, ie within 24 hours. In this case, the client is not entitled to compensation for damages.

4. Obligations and responsibilities of the client

The customer is obliged to sail only in Croatian territorial waters. If a client wants to leave Croatian territorial waters, he must obtain a special written approval. Any damage to the underwater area caused by negligence of the client will be repaired at the expense of the client. The client is obliged to abide by all applicable laws and regulations relating to navigation on the sea. If a ship is damaged in the course of a voyage, then the client must immediately inform the charter company by telephone. If the customer's negligence has resulted in damage to third parties and not covered by the insurance, the client is obligated to cover all material, legal and other costs that may arise as a result of such negligence.
The client must have a shipping permit and he is obliged not to hand over the ship to a third party, not to use the ship for the carriage of persons or goods for commercial purposes, that there will be no more people on board than confirmed in the crew list, not to operate the boat while affected by alcohol or drugs, to plan the sailing routes so that the day before returning to the port of departure it is in it’s vicinity, it will abide by all regulations and customs in navigation.

5. Insurance and Deposit

All the boats are covered by insurance. The insurance policy covers passenger and third party insurance. Personal property of travelers is not covered by insurance. Damage resulting from negligence or intent on the part of the client is not covered by the insurance.
Prior to the takeover of the vessel, the client is obliged to leave the security deposit with the charter company. The security deposit varies and is calculated according to the value of the vessel. A security deposit can be settled in cash or credit card and will be returned to the client after the client returns the ship in the condition it has taken. If damage to the ship has occurred, or some equipment on board is missing, then the deposit will be used to claim damages in an amount equal to the damage. The rest will return to the client. If the fuel tanks, when handing over the ship, are not full, client will be charged for the fuel tank refill, charge will be deducted from the deposit, plus any incidentals. If a skipper or hostess, etc., is not payed in the agreed amount then it will be paid from the deposit. Damages to the total of the deposit are settled from the deposit, and damages that are above the total of the deposit are settled from the deposit and insurance.

6. Check-in / Check-out

The vessel is delivered on Saturdays in the afternoon. The boat is delivered to the customer with full water and fuel tanks. When returning a ship, the customer is also required to have a full fuel tank.
During the vessel's transfer procedure, the client is obliged to inspect the vessel and equipment together with the representative of the charter company and confirm the vessel status with his signature. Subsequent complaints will not be accepted. The customer is obliged to return the vessel to the charter company at the agreed time and at the appropriate place. The usual boat return time is Saturday in the morning. The boat must be clean, undamaged and the fuel tanks must be full. In case the customer does not return the boat to the company at the right time and in the right place, the client agrees to pay the daily rent rate for each day of delay increased by 300%. The delay is charged per hour. The delay may be justified in case of force majeure, provided that the client immediately notifies the charter company. If the fuel tank is not full, the customer has to pay the cost of the missing fuel for the tank filling service. In case of missing inventory or damage to the vessel, the charter company will be paid from the amount of the deposit, and the remainder will be returned to the client. The customer is obliged to return the vessel with a vacant septic tank, which is required to be emptied in the open sea. If the vessel does not return to the charter base, the client is required to pay all the costs for the transfer of the vessel to the charter base, and any delays that may have arisen. It is recommended that the vessel be in a location close to the charter base during the last 24 hours.

7. Cancellation

If the customer for any reason renounces the charter service, it must do so in writing by e-mail or by mail. The date CCY receives a written notice of cancellation is the basis for calculating the reimbursement costs.
If the client terminates the rental within 0 to 30 days prior to the beginning of the service, the client will be charged a 100% of the total price.
If the client terminates the rental from 31 to 60 days prior to the beginning of the service, the client will be charged a 50% of the total price.
If the client terminates the rental more than 60 days prior to the beginning of the service, the client will be charged a 30% of the total price.

If the client terminates the rental service he may, by prior arrangement with the charter company and the CCY, seek another person who will assume his rights and obligations. In that case, the reimbursement costs are not charged.

In case the client, for objective reasons (death in the immediate family, case of severe bodily injury, sudden acute illness for which indisputable medical care is provided, pregnancy disturbances, military exercises, etc.) cancels the rental, the paid amount will not be returned, but will be credited towards a replacement rental (to the same amount) to be used within one year. In this case, the client is obliged to present credible documentation (proof).

CCY excludes any liability in the event of changes or failures to perform leased services or parts of services caused by force majeure (war, riots, strikes, terrorist actions, sanitary disturbances, natural disasters, intervention by competent authorities etc.).
CCY and charter companies reserve the right to change the booked vessel in case the ship already booked is damaged due to unforeseen circumstances, eg elemental disasters, previous accidents on the sea, major failure etc. In that case CCY and charter companies will provide the client with the same or better boat specifications.

8. Crew

If the client has decided to engage the crew (skipper, hostess, chef, ..etc), he / she is obliged to treat them in the best possible way. The customer is obliged to provide food for the crew, unless otherwise agreed. In the case of engagement of a crew member, the vessel must be returned to the base the last night during the rental period (Friday), no later than 18:00.

9. Complaints

If the customer has a complaint during the takeover of the vessel, he / she must inform the charter company and CCY. Only objections and complaints made in writing will be taken into consideration. All objections during the charter period will be settled as agreed if possible. If not, then the court is responsible for the charter company position.